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 And for those who want a record of the transition, a sound file of last 7 minutes of Rumba and the start of the promos.



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This is all so confusing ... has the content of 1200 Rumba, but the feed isn't working. is pointing to their old website, but their feed is playing a loop of what is currently airing on 1200. 
In any case, Rumba 1200 is now gone from the airwaves. 
On 3/5/2010 3:15 PM, Bob DeMattia wrote: 
> The website is now titled "mia 1430" and has the "mia" 
> logo in the upper left corner. 
> There is an announcement that Rush starts Monday at 12 N, and below that the 
> current mia "just played". 
> -Bob 
> On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 9:42 AM, Mario Gonzalez Jr.<>wrote: 
>    >> I was listening to Rumba 1200 this morning.  The DJ (John Moussa) said that 
>> the station was going to stop the Rumba format as of 3pm today.  This was 
>> previously reported.  He then said that listeners could find the same kind 
>> of music online at  This is one of their other rumba 
>> stations. 
>> They are still running the ad where they say that they will convert over on 
>> Monday and they urge their listeners to go to Mia 1430.  They are calling it 
>> Latin Pop music.  The music there is more pop than urban from what I can 
>> tell.  I like the Rumba format better.  Fortunately for me, there are plenty 
>> of online sources for it. 
>> Mario 
>> On 3/4/2010 3:15 AM, wrote: 
>>      >>> Thanks--I have very limited knowledge of Spanish and was just trying to 
>>> pick out a few words... 
>>> And as I understand it a website called just launched 
>>> recently...but while you say the music will be similar, maybe the only 
>>> similarity will be the language. Isn't Mia romantic tunes, 
>>> kind of a Spanish AC, while Rumba is more Tropical or dance based? 

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