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 Adding /main.html gets you to the site. They probably will officially launch it when the format launches--I am hearing that Rumba supposedly breathes its last Fri at 3pm followed by best of
Rush till Mon at noon. For now WXKS will run Rush reruns in morning drive, with local show starting on April 1

Not sure how it will do in ratings but it may do so-so--but  get billing. Advertisers want their spots on in Boston, etc, and the shows will lead listeners there. Rush, Beck and Hannity rank #1 2 and
3 nationwide in listenership.

Wolfe making it sound like Rush had lackluster ratings--well then surprised he wasn't pulled
earlier...go ahead WTKK, take Rush off our hands. See if we care. Supposedly they paid big bucks to Premiere for the show. Manning will cost less to run and he's local, so that's good especially in
an election year but we'll see how Rush does in ratings and billing

Signal fairly good by day OK by night dep. on where you are. Yes both RKO and XKS have 50 kW
but RKO lower on dial, which helps. RKO stick in Burlington, XKS in Newton. This helps XKS within the 128 belt. Not as good for some but these shows have affiliates in Worc, NH, Prov., the Cape, etc  The Boston area proper has many listeners, hence the target



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I was checking it out yesterday after receiving the email telling us about
I saw the home page and was able to click into several of  the other pages.
I clicked on "HOME" to go back to the top and got directed to yahoo.

Someone must have noticed us poking around the site and decided to hide it.

Very strange that a pre-production site would be available to the public


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> I decided to check it out this morning and unless Im doing something wrong,
> it re-directs to ...get this.. as of 5:05am central.
> Paul Walker
> Marion, IL


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