WNAC-TV 1981

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On 27 Jun 2010 at 19:57, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> It is amazing how when you talk to people who are old enough how few
> memories WNAC-TV generated between 1948 and 1957 before Channel 5 went
> on air. People have strong channel 4 memories but take away Louise
> Morgan, Gus Saunders you don't have much.
I remember "Time for Beany," although they often ran it opposite 
Howdy Doody, so I didn't always watch it.

I remember Superman on Friday evenings.

And I remember Space Patrol on Saturday mornings.

But channel 4 had more of a local personality, and they also had a 
stronger signal in a lot of places.

They also carried Mickey Mouse Club.  And Disneyland on Saturdays at 
6 PM.  I think they carried Zorro until Channel 5 came on.  For some 
reason, probably contractual, they continued to carry Mickey Mouse, 
even after Channel 5 came on, until the following fall.

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