With 940 now officially vacant

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One thing that happened around that time was that what were then US
Class II-D stations on what were then Mexican Class I channels were
allowed to operate at night. The affected frequencies were (IIRC) 540,
730, 800, 900, 1050, 1220, and 1570. Also, US Class II-D stations on
these Mexican Class I channels were allowed to increase their D power
to 5 kW (the previous maximum had been 1 kW) if such an increase did
not adversly affect adjacent-channel US stations. I believe that the
all-night operation by US II-Ds on Mexican Class I channels happened
in phases. IIRC, the affected stations were initially granted
post-sunset authority. A few years later, they were allowed nighttime
operation with a maximum of 500W. Use of 1050 in New York City and
1220 in Cleveland by US stations operating with 50 kW DA-1 had been
part of a much earlier treaty.

Oh, and 540, like 940, became a Mexican/Canadian Class I channel at
some point. Apparently, at least some US II-Ds on the channels on
which there had been Class I stations in both Canada and Mexico were
allowed more nighttime power than US II-Ds on channels on which there
were Class I stations only in Mexico. This issue becomes very murky
and hard to follow because Canada now has Class A (the modern
equivalent of the old Class I-B) stations on what had been Mexican
Class I channels. Previously, Canada had been allowed only Class II
stations on these channels. For example, on 730, CKAC and CKLG became
Class A AMs, whereas, before the treaty was modified, they had been
Class IIs with no protection of their nighttime-skywave service. When
these stations were "promoted" to Class A, they still had no skywave
protection, however. This subject makes my head hurt.

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> On 21 Jun 2010 at 21:25, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>> > For that matter perhaps it is time for Canada, Mexico, the US et
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>> > to redo the treaty. A lot has changed in 70 years.
>> Not so much has changed in twenty-five years, when they last redid
>> it.
> They did?  What happened then?
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