Legal Seafood Spots On WBZ re Boston-Radio-Interest Digest, Vol 14, Issue 156

Adam Gaffin
Wed Jun 16 22:57:37 EDT 2010

The Volkswagen ads are an attempt to co-opt the longstanding 
slugbug/punch buggy game. They're obnoxious because a) Yeah, they show 
people landing serious punches and b) The real game applies only to 
Beetles, not Mercedes wannabes with stupid names.

-- Adam

> What I wanted to say is that there is a weird or maybe a bunch of weird
> ad agencies out there that seem to have hired "abusers" as their copy
> writers. The current Volkswagen commercial with the people hitting their
> companions when they see a Volkswagen product and the now hopefully
> discontinued Castrol Scottish think with your dip stick assaulter come
> to mind. The Hanes commercial is close with their insulting commercials.
> I think someone did a focus group and figured out that that was a way to
> reach the a#$H)#% crowd. Either that or some ad agency has been taken
> over by sadist and their is some demographic that tells them it reaches
> the crowd they are aiming it at. Anybody got any better insight?
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>> I can tell you that behind the scenes there has been?issues between
>> their marketing department and ad agency.

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