Legal Seafood Spots On WBZ

Roger Kirk
Tue Jun 15 23:30:01 EDT 2010

Last week, I heard 2 new spots from Legal Seafood on WBZ - both voiced 
by Roger Berkowitz.

IMHO, both were quite sarcastic & mean-spirited.

1. "If you go to a party and they serve lobster that isn't fresh - 
leave.  And break something on the way out - I would."
2. "If your friend serves you halibut that isn't fresh - then he isn't 
really a friend.  Go ahead, hit on his sister."

Made me wonder "Roger - What were you thinking?"

I haven't heard them run this week, so far.  Wonder if they dropped them? 

Anybody on this list hear them on BZ or any other station?

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