Synchronous AM Stations In HI
Tue Jun 15 17:23:51 EDT 2010

Move over WLLH-AM Lowell & Lawrence:  in today's (06/15) FCC Actions, KIPA-AM 1060 in Hilo, HI
received the gummint's ok to set up an "experimental" synchronous station in Captain Cook, HI
on the Island of Hawaii, not to be confused with the name of the State.  Let's see...WLLH in 
Lawrence was designated as "experimental" from the first Depression until the one we're sort of
having now.  In a sense, WLLH's Lawrence didn't exist as far as was concerned for
several years.  Then when the FCC decided WLLH in Lawrence was an actual station, V-Soft's
reading for WLLH's Lawrence stick  skyrocketed.  Have any other "synchronous" stations come 
along in the past few years, and are they ACTUAL stations or are they "experimental" too?

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