Comcast and HD

Jim Hall
Fri Jun 4 15:53:26 EDT 2010

They might be rolling out the new channels town by town depending on the
upgrading of their system. In my town about two months ago the HD offerings
increased dramatically. The HD channels start at 774 in my town and go up
pretty solidly to past 900. WENH is indeed on Channel 801, but it is labeled
as NHPTV. 

I wish Comcast would rationalize the channel numbers though...put all the
news channels together, movie channels together, sports channels together,
etc. The HD channels are even more randomly assigned than were the standard
definition digital channels.

Speaking of HD channels, can anyone offer a guess as to why WGBX broadcasts
4 standard definition channels, whereas WBPX broadcasts one semi-HD channel
(720 p) and three standard definition channels? I should think most of the
PBS material would benefit from the semi-HD treatment.

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> Comcast is adding more local stations to the HD tier in the Boston market:
> 811 - WZMY (comming soon)
> 816 - WUNI 
> 817 - WUTF

I got a notice that they were adding WENH as channel 801 a few months
ago, but it hasn't shown up yet.

Speaking of Comcast and HD, could they *please* buy an upconverter so
that the local spots on HESN HD are in 1080i like the rest of the
programming?  It's so annoying to miss the beginning of every other
inning while my TV readjusts from 720p to 1080i.


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