WMJX Voicetracking Overnights

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sun Jan 31 17:50:05 EST 2010

  WMJX will be voicetracking overnights as of tonight's overnight. Longtime 
overnight host (over 20 years) Michael Burns will remain as overnight voice 
Sunday night/Monday morning thru Thursday night/Friday morning, and will 
continue to host "Sunday Morning Country Oldies" on Greater Media's co-owned 
WKLB. If I'm not mistaken, this leaves WBZ as the last Boston radio station 
with a live overnight host. (Steve Levellie, with Jordan Rich weekends).

  Disclaimer: as a longtime friend (over 30 years) of Michael, I have known 
about the upcoming change in his overnight routine for the last week & a 
half, but mutually agreed that I would not post or comment on this unless 
someone else did here or elsewhere or was mentioned in either of Boston's 
papers. (It's was posted elsewhere earlier this afternoon). Plus, being a 
longtime good friend I had mixed feelings about being the first to post this 
news. As I mentioned to him when he told me the news, he is fortunate to 
still have a job in Boston radio, albeit a reduced role, considering how 
many radio & TV folks in the Boston market have been sent "to the beach".

Mark Watson 

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