Montreal's 690 and 940 to power down tonight

Fri Jan 29 15:16:20 EST 2010

If other AMs in the Montreal market are staying on the air, I would
imagine that, in due course, the frequencies will return to life. They
are both true Class A assignments (as opposed to the Class A in name
only assignments that have become popular in Canada) and, AFAIK, are
the only such in the Province of Quebec. 690 has been French as long
as I can remember and 940 has been English for just as long. It would
be a natural for CJAD to move to 940 and it might make sense for CKAC
to move to 690. A move to 940 would be a big plus for CJAD, which is a
Class B that has highly restrictive directional patterns and runs 10
kW at night (vs 50 kW by day). Also, CJAD must receive a fairly high
level of interference from CKLW at night, even though CKLW protects
CJAD. Benefits to CKAC from a move to 690 would be less dramatic, but
CKAC might continue to operate from its existing site instead of
moving to the CINF site. This might enable CKAC to retain its slightly
more efficient towers while also getting a slightly quieter frequency
at night.

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> reports that CINF 690 and CINW 940--the latter being
> the first radio station in Canada, I have read--are being
> shut down tonight at 7 pm, as Corus believes they are no longer
> viable. The licenses are being returned to the CRTC
> and I guess reg programming ceased at 10 am, with loops now running
> (has links to recorded loops)

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