WBZ & WRKO signal in Springfield

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No question that WRKO protects KNBR which, many decades ago, was a
de-facto Class IA, although it had been a Class IB for at least 40
years before all Class I AMs became Class As. I think, though, that if
you examine the history of the 680 frequency, you will find that WPTF
(a Class B, and before that, a Class II) was operating full time for
several years in the late '30s or early '40s while WLAW (the
predecessor of today's WRKO) was still a daytimer. Also, I believe
that WPTF increased power to 50 kW-U years before WLAW did. WRKO's
night pattern (once its DA-1 pattern) protects WPTF, and by pattern
summetry, also protects the first-adjacent Class A (ex-CBF) in

It has been claimed that WEEI (then WHDH) was the first Class II-D
(daytimer on a Class I channel) to be granted full-time authority on
what had been a de-facto Class IA channel. I'm pretty sure that WHDH
ran 5 kW-U DA-N on KOA's channel from what is now the WROL site in
Saugus before WLAW began operating full time (I think with 1
kW-D/500W-N DA-N) from Andover. I suspect, however (although I don't
know for sure), that WPTF went full-time on 680 before WHDH went
full-time on (I think) 830, which I believe was the pre-NARBA
equivalent of today's 850.

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"WRKO's signal is very poor daytime and usually almost non-existent at

"once they switch to
night pattern, you can't get WRKO or WEEI in Framingham, much less all
the way the heck out in Springfield."

WEEI and WRKO are protecting co-channel signals in the far west at
night, so their patterns are nulled in the direction of those
stations...WEEI protects KOA/Denver and WRKO protects KNBR/SF.

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