WBZ & WRKO signal in Springfield

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Tue Jan 26 16:56:16 EST 2010

Using the V-Soft signal strength by Zip code Web site
(http://zipsignal.v-soft.com/) for Zip 01103 (one of many Springfield
Zips) I did not see a listing for either WRKO or WBZ. The listing cuts
off at 0.34 mV/m, a rather weak signal but often a listenable one by
day under good conditions. At night, co-channel interference limits
most AM listening to signals substantially greater than 0.34 mV/m (for
example, I suspect that WRKO's NIF contour is at least an order of
magnitude greater than 0.34) but, if that were the strength of WBZ's
signal, I would expect it to be audible under good conditions provided
that KDKA's upper IBOC sideband were not a problem, because, as a
Class A AM, WBZ is protected from co-channel interference to its 0.5
mV/m 50% skywave contour (except for IBOC hash from first adjacents).

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>> WBZ's signal in Springfield is fair to poor daytime, and even
>> though
>> the
>> signal strength is better at night, it's mostly unlistenable due to
>> fading,
>> cancellation and now KDKA's sidebands. In a car with a vertical
>> antenna
>> it's
>> a little better at night. As long as AM digital has made a real
>> mess of
>> the
>> AM band, I figured why not see if I could pull out WBZ's digital
>> signal
>> near
>> Springfield, but no way. Now, I'm going to try the digital in
>> Eastern
>> North
>> Carolina, where WBZ's night signal is already very good.
>> WBZA, Springfield--please return!
>> WRKO's signal is very poor daytime and usually almost non-existent
>> at
>> night.
> It depends on what you're using for a receiver. I've actually been
> out in
> the Springfield area a couple times in the past few weeks. On the
> radio in
> my work truck (2010 Toyota Tacoma) WBZ (the strongest obviously),
> WRKO, and
> even WEEI come in quite well out in Springfield, and going north
> from there.
> This is a very good radio on AM, that has little or no problem with
> internal
> engine noise. Obviously if you're driving through downtown, or under
> power
> lines, it's not going to work.
> Jeff Lehmann
> Hanson, MA

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