Media impact on the special election

A. Joseph Ross
Sun Jan 24 00:03:58 EST 2010

On 23 Jan 2010 at 11:02, wrote:

> I heard a clip of Rachel Maddow getting all choked up when she
> announced that Coakley was conceding. Now, is Maddow serving as a news
> person here, covering the event, or was she in her opinion show mode?
> Perhaps MSNBC should have had news people doing that sort of thing,
> and then turn things over to Maddow to offer her opinions.
> Maybe if Coakley had won, she and her co-workers would have given high
> fives and started to sing "We are the champions, no time for
> losers..." ...But again WTKK was not exactly non-partisan that night
> either!

'Twas ever thus.  I believe we've all heard of the radio commentator 
(H.V. Kaltenborn, I believe) repeatedly declaring that returns soon 
to come in would show Dewey defeating Truman.

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