Media impact on the special election

Bill O'Neill
Sat Jan 23 16:15:46 EST 2010

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> <snip> (might have been Montana--but that's strictly a
> guess) had only two congressional districts. Each voter voted on the
> rep for his/her district AND the representative at-large, who
> represented the entire state. People used to half-jokingly refer to
> the at-large rep as the state's "third senator." 

Vermont has only one U.S. Congressional district - Peter Welch (D) who 
lives in Norwich, VT. While it is true that congressional districts are 
apportioned by population (and a steaming manure pile of politics) once 
elected they make up the states' at-large delegation and, even, then, 
they are certainly just one vote out of 435. Any limits on their vote 
are purely a basis of who owns them on any given day.

Bill O'Neill

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