Media impact on the special election
Sat Jan 23 13:12:52 EST 2010

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I heard  Howie Carr on WCRN play "Happy Days are Here Again" after the news 
Wednesday  afternoon, in obvious reference to Scott Brown winning.  I 
thought it was  distasteful.

I've never listened to Howie Carr, nor do I know his  political leanings, 
but I assume now he's right-leaning.  What is it  about those on the right 
that make them so nasty?  I don't think  left-leaners would do such a thing.

Or maybe it's just the  disintegration of meaningful political talk on the 
radio, where it is now,  indeed, just entertainment.

Nasty? Playing Happy Days Are Here Again is nasty?  
I did not  consider being glad over your candidate winning nasty.  He is 
doing talk  radio not news reporting, he is allowed to have opinions and 
feelings.  He  doesn't have to be neutral.
Being happy does not mean he doesn't offer meaningful talk.  But as  you 
said, you never listened to him.
(Shaking my head)

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