Media impact on the special election

Sat Jan 23 10:11:50 EST 2010

Huh? Ted Kennedy's seat was a SENATE seat, not a seat in the House.
Unlike representatives, who are elected to serve a specific geographic
area within a state (except in states whose population is so small
that they have only one representative--Alaska and Delaware at
present), each of the 100 US senators (two senators from each of the
50 states) represents his or her entire state. Hard to imagine that
you didn't know that. Or maybe you simply failed to express yourself
clearly--but no matter how may times I reread your question, that does
not seem to be the problem.

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> At 09:54 PM 1/22/2010, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>>I was talking with Scott on Tuesday night, and he pointed out to me
>>that traditionally Republican parts of Western Mass. voted
>>overwhelmingly for Coakley over Brown, whereas people within the
>>Boston market went the other way.
> Excuse the stupid question, but I've lived in N.H. most of my life
> and Mass. politics is peripheral at best.  What encompasses the
> district that was former Ted Kennedy's?  Western Mass, the Cape &
> Boston area all one district?  Talk about gerrymandering!

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