Air America, RIP

Donna Halper
Fri Jan 22 16:26:19 EST 2010

At 03:42 PM 1/22/2010, Roger Kirk wrote:
>Jim Hall wrote:
>>I think you need to be a radio host who is humorous, rather than a 
>>comedian who has a
>>talk radio show.
>So, does Minnesota have a Senator that's humorous or a comedian who 
>has a seat in the Senate?

Actually neither.  Al is by all accounts a thoughtful and serious 
senator.  But he has a good sense of humour when the time is right-- 
kind of like a Barney Frank somewhat sarcastic sense of humour.  Even 
his detractors admit he is a good politician, and when I saw him out 
on the stump during his campaign, I found him very well-versed on the 
issues.  But yes, he can still be funny.     

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