Stupid Question

Sun Jan 10 19:53:52 EST 2010

Would it be a stupid question, as well, to ask about the lead-ins to Jay
Leno's show?  Could that have contributed to the problem, too?  All I can
think is that NBC will resort to some flavor of "reality" junk programming
to try to recover their allegedly decayed ratings.  How very sad.  I
actually liked tuning in to Leno at 10:00.  I didn't tune-in every night,
but I did several nights during the week.  It was a breath of fresh air from
the "Law and Orders" and from all the other cookie-cutter junk being

And my next question is:  What will Jay Leno do with a half-hour at 11:35pm?
I hope Conan bolts for another network.  Dave Letterman must be salivating
at this point.


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