Stupid Question

Maureen Carney
Sun Jan 10 16:57:24 EST 2010

Whatever happens will be a short-term solution pending the outcome of the Comcast deal. That could take up to a year. (Most people on this list know I work for Comcast Sports Net, but we are not being told anything more than what is out in the general media.) Comcast is viewing this from an owning content perspective and I don't think they know what they're going to do with the traditional broadcast media (NBC, Telemundo and the O&Os) beyond the fact they're part of the package. Everything on both sides is status quo for now and no one wants to make any speculative moves beyond the immediate future. It is still possible the government (being DOJ, FCC or another body) could object or negate all or part of the deal and it may fall apart.

I think in the aftermath of the Leno fiasco everyone is overlooking the fact that WHDH isn't putting a lot into their newscasts. They were hurt a lot when Randy Price left. They are as much to blame as the network for their ratings problems at 11.


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