The ESPN 97.7/ 101.1 Syracuse

Scott Fybush
Sat Jan 9 11:48:14 EST 2010 wrote:
> Maybe a typo in Scott's article? takes you to the WNSS 1260 ESPN
> site
> The 100.1 is in Oswego (W261AC)
> Now a search on radio-locator says there is a 97.7 in Syracuse area, relaying "K-Rock"
> OK, trying again
> It works--points to WNSS
> Huh?

The 100.1 translator in Oswego was originally on 99.7. I'm not sure when 
these domains were registered, but perhaps the 99.7 one predated the 
shift to 100.1.

Understand that these are just spoiler domains that were registered by 
Citadel to cause some grief to their competitor, Galaxy. Citadel now has 
the ESPN affiliation on its WNSS 1260 Syracuse, but as of March 1 the 
affiliation moves over to Galaxy's WTLA 1200 North Syracuse (which will 
be relayed on the 97.7) and WSGO 1440 Oswego (which will be relayed on 
the 100.1 translator).

Citadel's only motivation here is to sow some confusion for anyone 
looking for the new ESPN stations when they launch in March. It may well 
be that they've registered something for 97.7 as well that nobody's 
noticed yet. In any event, it still has nothing to do with New England, 
as best I can tell.


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