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On 6 Jan 2010 at 16:11, Dan.Strassberg wrote:

> The change in call sign and format was accompanied by one of the most
> ingeneous promotional campaigns in the history of Boston radio. IIRC,
> the format flip occurred at sign on on a Monday morning. On the
> preceding Saturday and Sunday, some of the major Boston stations,
> including, IIRC, WBZ, WNAC, and WHDH, carried saturation spots
> announcing--in a _very_ sultry female voice (whispering) "Every one in
> old Boston is going wildwildwildwildwildwildwildwildwildwild." There
> was no sponsor ID, no mention of a frequency, and no mention that WILD
> was to be a radio station. Of course, if there had been such a
> mention, the stations that ran the spots would not have accepted them.

Interesting.  I was listening to radio at the time, but I don't 
remember hearing those ads.  Maybe because I was mostly listening to 
WCOP at that time.

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