WFNX Dumps "Sandbox" Morning Show

Paul Currier
Wed Jan 6 13:24:34 EST 2010

Will this possibly effect Loren & Wally at some point?

And speaking of whom, I don't recall them being mentioned on the top radio personalities list.....I think they are they are worthy of mention.





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> Cost cutting is only part of the reason. The new Arbitron PPM meter 
> ratings measurement system is changing some of the rules about 
> programming. One trend that's emerging is "talky" morning shows on 
> music stations tend not to do well with the meter. Two morning shows 
> in San Diego, highly rated programs in the diary, were recently let go 
> for cheaper, music intensive alternatives. A Detroit classic rocker 
> let go it's personality based morning show this week. It also 
> happened in Chicago with Steve Dahl last year. There are exceptions 
> of course, Matty on Kiss being one of them, but it's something to 
> watch. It's no surprise that lately Matty is playing a couple more 
> songs an hour than he used to.
> WFNX also dropped Lovelines, a syndicated two hour late night talk 
> show that focused on sexual issues, in favor of music programming. It 
> seems that talk programming on music stations just doesn't work with 
> the new ratings methodology. Saving a few bucks in the process 
> doesn't hurt either...
> -Dave Tomm
> On Jan 4, 2010, at 7:08 PM, Mark Watson wrote:
> > The Boston Globe reports that WFNX has dumped "The Sandbox" morning 
> > show, canning two of the show's hosts, Charlie Padgett & Ed 
> > Oliveira, while Henry Santoro & Dustin Fletcher Matthews remain at 
> > the station as part of a revamped lineup. 'FNX has also hired ex- 
> > WBCN jock Adam-12 for PM drive. All this in an effort to cut costs 
> > and boost ratings, says the article:
> >
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> > Mark Watson
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