Old South Church Meeting

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The Boston station that was on 1470 pre-NARBA (3/31/1941) was WMEX.
Who knows what WMEX was airing in those days? (Donna?) I don't think
the station had a consistent format until the Richmonds bought it (out
of bankruptcy) and flipped it to Top 40 in 1957. Classical could have
been part of the mix--along with brokered ethnic and even some jazz
(Norm Nathan was an announcer there for a while--his first job at a
station licensed to Boston). Immediately preceding the Richmonds, a
substantial number of hours per day were devoted to the Theater of
Beautiful Music, which was not classical, although some people might
have called it light classical.

Anyhow, AFAIK, WBMS didn't arrive until shortly after World War II. By
then, WMEX had been on 1510 for at least four years.

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Dave MacNeill went through the history of classical music
broadcasting, placing WBMS-AM on 1470...I thought it was on 1090

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