top radio personalities in Boston?

Mon Jan 4 15:23:30 EST 2010

Betty Daye--but you've gotta be kidding; she was _truly_ run of the

How about another woman who appeared on the same station after it
became WRCA?--the late Marcia Masters. Now, she was really talented!

If you want someone from WHET who hands down deserves the award for
mediocrity or for inducing boredom, my vote goes to Johnny Towne. Nice
enough guy, I guess, but despite the great music, he could put the
most avid big band fan into a sound sleep within a quarter hour.
Anyone who failed to fall asleep quickly enough risked death from
acute boredom.

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> What was the woman's name on 1330 WHET(?) in  the early 70's(?) when
> it played big band music?

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