North Dakota tower

Donna Halper
Mon Jan 4 15:08:06 EST 2010

At 01:16 PM 1/4/2010, Russ Butler wrote:

>The article mentions that the Dubai building is the world's tallest 
>"structure" beating out a television mast in North Dakota.  What 
>would that tower be and how many broadcast signals does it 
>accommodate? Thanks.  =Russ Butler

I was in Fargo on business in 2008, and found that thanks to media 
consolidation, about 6 or 7 stations operated from one small building 
in downtown Fargo, the home of KFGO (and former home of progressive 
talker Ed Schultz...).  Didn't find the city especially exciting-- if 
there is a "typical" midwestern city, Fargo fits the bill.  But while 
the Fargo Forum, the region's newspaper, had a long AP article about 
the Burj Dubai, it offered no tie-in nor any mention of a television 
mast in ND.

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