North Dakota tower

Scott Fybush
Mon Jan 4 14:35:57 EST 2010

Garrett Wollman wrote:

> For the answer to that question and more fun facts about the Fargo
> market, see my photo essay "North Dakota: Land of Tall Towers" in the
> Archives at <>.

I wonder - and should remember to ask some of the tower experts I know 
when next I see them - what the maximum practical height would be for a 
uniform cross-section guyed steel tower of the KVLY type. I assume the 
only thing at all magical about 2,063 feet is that it's the maximum the 
FAA will permit. (And under current FCC rules, there's also no reason to 
go taller, since both FM and TV stations will be power-derated if they 
go above 600 meters HAAT.)


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