Would Clr Chnl take a Boston AM to talk?

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And, despite a low dial position (570), WTNT definitely counts as
signal-challenged--probably second only to 1260 among DC's "major"
AMs. There is a long story connected with this but I can't remember
it. 570 is very directional (four towers day and night), is only 1 kW
at night, and has a Tx site that is a long way from DC. (I believe the
station is licensed to Bethesda.) Originally a 500W daytimer, WTNT
became a full-timer not too many years after it took to the air
shortly after WWII. Its original full-time Tx site was quite good but
for reasons I can't recall, the station moved to its current site and
the move was suicidal for the signal. Rather like 1300 in Baltimore,
which had an incredible signal around the clock for decades. Not only
did it cover well daytime, its nighttime signal was legendary
thoughout the northeast. But some bozo decided to make "improvements"
and moved the station to a new site--a move from which the station has
never recovered.

Another major market 570 with a horrible signal is the one in Tampa
Bay. It's relatively new and was squeezed in between WDBO 580 in
Orlando and the Gulf coast. As a result, the station uses a six-tower
array that produces a signal that is decent only along the
coast--can't even be heard very well in the eastern parts of Tampa
itself. St Petersburg and Clearwater are OK though. Also high powered
Cubans do it no favors, especially at night.

Aside from 630, DC's other good AM signal is 980, which is 50 kW days
(5 kW night). However, even that one has some serious problems, I'm

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> and found that the audience responds
> well to hearing exciting talk shows which offer differering points
> of view.
> Corporate bean-counting radio doesn't seem to agree with that.  And,
> IS
> there such a thing as a good AM signal in Washington DC.   All of
> DC's AM
> stations are signal-challeged excepting for 630 probably.
> BB

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