Would Clr Chnl take a Boston AM to talk?

raccoonradio@mail.com raccoonradio@mail.com
Sat Jan 2 09:45:24 EST 2010

 WKOX is certainly much improved (depending on where you are); agreed on WXKS at night. I have picked up WENE Endicott NY (sports) in N. Reading, not WXKS (or they'd be very faint washing in and out)

 Dan wrote:
>>however, 1430 is a lost cause unless you live in the CoL, Everett. 

>>By pairing up what 
most people consider to be two dog AM signals, CCU could come up with 
one "station" that, from a technical standpoint, had a shot at being a 
player in the market, albeit, at best, only a second-string player.

I think something similar happened for a time in Cleveland with two
weaker AM signals doing ESPN sports (Craig Karmazin was somehow
involved; then WKNR 850 got into the mix and changes erupted)

>>I have often thought that if Jeff Santos's strange deal with Blackstrap 
for 1510 should collapse (still seems highly likely to me), the 
1430/1470 combo would be a viable alternative for the Progressive talk 

That could happen, thus returning progtalk to 1430 where it had been--and remember
I would think most people would listen by day to talk radio, esp AM and PM drive,
and night listening drops off--but maybe 1470 could help

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