Camden Maine station off the air due to storm damage
Sat Feb 27 14:01:09 EST 2010

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>Dare I say... if the area is already almost covered entirely other signals
they own.. why do they need yet another? Just so they can hog up the
airwaves like the religious broadcasters and make sure every single last
person can hear them?
MPBN is probably directing listeners to other outlets based on the coverage maps of
their stations in Orono and Portland.  But we all know that coverage maps fall under
the category of fiction or fantasy.  Chances are that the network got requests from
listeners in that particular mountainous area for a relay specifically serving Camden
and vicinity.  According to their website, MPBN has only seven full-power frequencies
for that sizable state.  (I don't know how many translators they have.)  And since 90.5
is a frequency in the non-commercial (if you don't count underwriting messages that sound
a LOT like commercials at times)band, if some other entity was broadcasting on it, it
very well could be a sectarian operator.


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