Camden Maine station off the air due to storm damage

Aaron Read
Sat Feb 27 16:23:47 EST 2010

I would point out three things:

1. I haven't done a full spectrum study, but glancing at R-L it
appears that there's quite a lot of room for new stations in Camden.
I don't think MPBN is "hogging" anything...if someone else wanted to
drop another NCE signal in there, they probably could.

2. MPBN, as a statewide broadcasting network, has a mission to provide
quality service to as much of the state's residents as is feasible.
This mission goes a lot further than most other broadcasters, whose
mission is more to serve enough listeners to achieve maximum profit.
Or at least maximum ROI.   Even godcasters don't necessarily have a
mission to reach ALL the residents of a region...depends on the

The concept of a statewide network is the reason why many communities
in rural states like Maine, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, etc have any radio
at all.   In some places the public radio outlet is the SOLE broadcast
outlet you can receive...and in such places internet is often a chancy
proposition at best.

3. Camden no doubt gets some service from their Bangor signal, but I
doubt it's all that great service.  Probably "okay" for car radios but
I'll bet in-home listening is lousy.  The terrain is murderous on
distant FM signals up in those parts.

- Aaron
Aaron Read
WEOS 89.7FM General Manager
(315) 781-3811

Dare I say... if the area is already almost covered entirely other signals
they own.. why do they need yet another? Just so they can hog up the
airwaves like the religious broadcasters and make sure every single last
person can hear them?

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 1:01 AM, Dan Billings <>wrote:

> Maine Public Radio's Camden station is off the air due to storm damage.
> Fortunately, almost the entire area covered by the station is also covered
> by at least one of the network's other stations.

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