WROL 950 not on air Friday evening 2/19

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Fri Feb 19 22:34:09 EST 2010

Was WROL off the air this evening because of technical difficulties or
have they just given up on the minimal coverage they get with 90W on a
channel where the NIF is 37 mV/m (or maybe a bit less since WPEN

Years ago (decades ago, actually), before WROL began operating at
night and even longer before WROL management apparently forgot the
location of the Day/Night switch on the remote-control setup, WIBX
Utica was a nightly catch here, with a good, solid signal. If you look
at WIBX's pattern, you can see why; nice lobe to the east. I don't
think I've heard WIBX at night here in 30 years--maybe longer.
Tonight, WIBX was dominating 950 with local high-school basketball and
then Laura Ingraham. The signal may not have been as good as I
remember it from back in the '70s, but it was solid, with few fades
and no hint of WROL.

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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