New program at WBUR?

Fri Feb 19 06:48:14 EST 2010

I was following what I _thought_ was the rule: Terry is a man's name
(or nickname for Terrence); Terri is a woman's name (or nickname for
Theresa). Of course, I should have thought a little
more deeply. I believe Terry Gross is Jewish. There may be some Jewish
women with the given name of Theresa, but Theresa would be a very
uncommon choice of given name for a Jewish girl. Theresa is a common
given name for Roman Catholic women because they are usually named for
saints and there must have been at least one (probably more than one)
St Theresa. Anyhow, we can be pretty sure (though not positive) that
Terry Gross is not really Theresa. So is Terry her real given name, or
is it a nickname for something besides Theresa, or is it a nickname
for Theresa, or is it simply an air name that she chose and is not a
nickname for anything? And if it's the last of these possibilities,
why did she spell it with a y when an i would have been the more
common spelling?

Oh, and about the substance of Aaron's message: I don't think Fresh
Air costs WBUR a lot. I suspect that WBUR get's it from WHYY in a
trade for Here and Now, which WHYY carries live at noon Eastern. That
said, my guess is that, if WBUR drops the afternoon broadcast of Fresh
Air, the 9:00PM broadcast will continue on 90.9.

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> BTW, it's Terry with a "y", not an "i".   Make a spelling mistake
> like
> that to Terry's face at your own peril, my friends!  ;-)

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