[Boston_Progressive_Talk] Re: WBUR taking Radio Boston daily

Aaron Read friedbagels@gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 01:32:30 EST 2010

> I guess this means that WBUR is dropping its first daily broadcast of
> Fresh Air with Terri Gross. However, WBUR also airs Terri's program at
> 9:00PM and WGBH carries it at 2:00PM. So those who want to hear Terri
> in the afternoon won't be forced to wait eight hours--just one. OTOH,
> it you want Terri at two, you will have to miss the first hour of Talk
> of the Nation.
>But isn't the morning show the live one, where you can call in?

What morning show?  Fresh Air?  FA is not a call-in show.   If you
mean On Point, which is 10am - 12n, then yes that's a call-in show but
it's not part of the discussion about where Radio Boston will air as a
daily show.

Talk of the Nation runs 2pm - 4pm live, and is also a call-in show,
but is viewed as more "expendable" by WBUR because A: On Point gets
better ratings*** and B: On Point is produced by WBUR and thus is not
going to be bumped.  Ditto for Here & Now at 12n.

*** Generally speaking, call-in shows do best on NPR affiliates across
the country when they're on from 10am-12n local time.  And all shows,
not just call-in's, after 12n show a marked dropoff that gets
progressively worse as you approach 4pm and then back up as afternoon
drive begins.   Afternoons are just a tough sell, no matter what show
you put in there or how good it is.

Aaron Read
WEOS 89.7FM General Manager
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