Albany Radio (was FCC applications...)

Howard Glazer
Tue Feb 16 13:16:07 EST 2010

From: Dan.Strassberg <>

> When WGNA was WOKO, it always (AFAIK) IDed as Albany. When (and why)
> did the CoL change to Voorheesville? The FM may be licensed to
> Voorheesville (I don't know that it is; I'm simply speculating), but
> even if the AM and FM were simulcasting, that should not have resulted
> in the insertion of Voorheesville into the AM legal.

I was referring to WGNA-FM, circa early/mid-'90s, when I was really into
country music. Although I still get up to that area every summer, I no
longer listen to that station, so I have no idea what it's doing now. Hmmmm
... if there's no connection to Voorheesville for 'GNA, I'm beginning to
wonder if it might have been some other Albany-area FM that I somehow


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