Albany Radio (was FCC applications...)

Tue Feb 16 12:51:08 EST 2010

When WGNA was WOKO, it always (AFAIK) IDed as Albany. When (and why) 
did the CoL change to Voorheesville? The FM may be licensed to 
Voorheesville (I don't know that it is; I'm simply speculating), but 
even if the AM and FM were simulcasting, that should not have resulted 
in the insertion of Voorheesville into the AM legal.

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> "Dave Doherty" <> wrote:
>>> About that time, WPTR was a rock station, shouting about serving 
>>> the
>>> "Quad Cities" and making much mystery about the fourth city -
>>> Albany, Schenectady, Troy, and... (Moline? Bettendorf? Oh, yeah,
>>> Saratoga.)
> WGNA had (probably still has, haven't listened to them in many 
> years) an ID
> of "WGNA Voorheesville/Albany/Schenectady/Troy," creating another 
> "Quad
> Cities" combination. But that was to satisfy the FCC, right? WPTR 
> wasn't
> somehow obligated to add Saratoga back then, was it?
> Howard

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