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On 15 Feb 2010 at 10:06, Dan.Strassberg wrote:

> I think Dave Denny was noted for really cornball country music. IIRC,
> he not only played country records, but he also had a band that was
> featured on his program (or some of his programs). He may have been
> the band's vocalist. And didn't his wife co-host his programs? I can't
> remember her name, but, in my mind, I can sort of hear a woman with a
> kind of Tennessee accent. In any event, I heard that Denny leased the
> time for his shows from WPTR. I don't know whether that was true or
> not, but I think he was WPTR's top talent--at least until WPTR
> captured WTRY's top talent, Paul Flanagan. I don't think that happened
> until after I left the Capital District for Boston, however. Also, did
> Denny eventually move his programs from WPTR to WOKO? I can imagine
> that, after Flanagan's arrival, WPTR might have de-emphasized country
> in favor of top-40. I could imagine Denny (or WPTR) deciding that
> there was no place for a country personality on a top-40 station.
As I recall, WPTR was already going Top 40 by the time Paul Flanagan 
got there.  I do remember that, when we visited Dave Denny's Barn, 
when the show broke for station announcements or news, it was from 
WPTR.  But later I heard him on WABY, so I think that's where he went 
from WPTR.

I don't remember his wife co-hosting with him that particular day, 
but I do remember that he had a guitar that he strummed while singing 
to his dog.  He and our counselor did a routine together, our 
counselor using a ukulele.

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