Albany Radio (was FCC applications...)

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I don't know whether Brannigan is still living; ISTR reading somewhere
that he had died, but don't take my word for it. He DID however (and
if he is still living, may still) own the AM 1160 in Mechanicville. I
think it now has the WABY calls; those calls having been relinquished
by 1400 in Albany when it was acquired by WAMC. I believe 1400 is now
WAMC (AM) and the FM (on Mt Greylock) is now WAMC-FM.

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> WOKO switched from MOR to country in late 1969 or early 1970.
> About that time, WPTR was a rock station, shouting about serving the
> "Quad Cities" and making much mystery about the fourth city -
> Albany, Schenectady, Troy, and...  (Moline?  Bettendorf? Oh, yeah,
> Saratoga.)  Roy Urbinas had an airshift at WPTR, maybe mornings. He
> eventually went north and worked at WIRY in Plattsburgh.  The
> afternoon drive guy was "Boom-Boom" Brannigan.  I think Don Weeks
> might have worked there also between gigs at WTRY and WGY and a
> stint as a weatherman. And for a while, nights were the province of
> the "Wild Child..."  WPTR was an exciting place in those days, and a
> lot of the area's rock jocks took a turn there.
> I don't recall Dave Denny and his wife at all, though. I was not a
> country fan, though I did stay with WOKO for a while after the big
> switch.
> -d

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