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I think Dave Denny was noted for really cornball country music. IIRC,
he not only played country records, but he also had a band that was
featured on his program (or some of his programs). He may have been
the band's vocalist. And didn't his wife co-host his programs? I can't
remember her name, but, in my mind, I can sort of hear a woman with a
kind of Tennessee accent. In any event, I heard that Denny leased the
time for his shows from WPTR. I don't know whether that was true or
not, but I think he was WPTR's top talent--at least until WPTR
captured WTRY's top talent, Paul Flanagan. I don't think that happened
until after I left the Capital District for Boston, however. Also, did
Denny eventually move his programs from WPTR to WOKO? I can imagine
that, after Flanagan's arrival, WPTR might have de-emphasized country
in favor of top-40. I could imagine Denny (or WPTR) deciding that
there was no place for a country personality on a top-40 station.

The were other Capital District radio legends in that era--people who
garnered incredible audience shares for years on end. Besides
Flanagan, with his Tri-City Ballroom, there was Roy Schutt who had
apparently been on the air forever in AM drive with his First Prize
Music Clock show, sponsored by First Prize baloney (honest). First
Prize also made hot dogs. Schutt's schtick was reading people's
(mostly kids'--but not only kids') names on the air and wishing them a
happy birthday. In the early 50's, his program was on WTRY but I
believe that, before WTRY, Schutt had been on WOKO for many years.
Considering the ratings, I guess many people would call Schutt's
program a prime example of local radio of that era at its best. I
thought it was the dullest program I had heard since the guy (wish I
could recall his name) who sounded as if he had marbles in his mouth
(probably, his false teeth were loose). His daily "news and
commentary" program originated at WNAC and was
fed to the entire Mutual network.

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> On 14 Feb 2010 at 9:21, Dave Doherty wrote:
>> In Albany, at least one morning guy did his show from his home
>> studio
>> (Geoff Davis on WOKO-1460)...
> There was another radio personality in the Albany area called Dave
> Denny, who did his show from a large barn called "Dave Denny's
> Barn."
> I assume he did other things from the barn at other times, perhaps
> large parties, record hops, or some such.
> I know about this because, when my family lived in the Albany area,
> the summer day camp that I went to had a field trip to Dave Denny's
> Barn, and we observed and participated in his radio show.  As I
> recall, we sang "The Ballad of Davy Crocket," each of us singing one
> verse.  At one point while a record was playing, a large dog came
> over, and Dave sang (to the Davy Crocket tune)  Dukie, Dukie Denny,
> Dave Denny's dog."
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