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Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Mon Feb 15 01:59:59 EST 2010

> When I was working at WCAP (1999 - 2008) I was doing almost everything
> from
> my home studio.  The overnight show (Music & Memories 1940's,50's, 60's,
> 70's) from Midnight - 6am every night......Morning news
> anchoring.......The
> Saturday Night Sock Hop (came from the ice cream shop parking lot which is
> on the same property).....etc.  I was tied into the station by an 8khz
> telco
> line which both went through the master control console (for news and
> other
> times that I had to interact with other talent) and also went around the
> console direct to an automated switcher for times that it was going to be
> just me originating programming.
> When I was doing production, I would record it at home.....upload it to
> the
> station computer...then remote into the station computer and import the
> file
> into the stations automation system....the only time I had to go to the
> downtown Lowell studios was on Fridays to get my paycheck.

While I don't consider myself a radio personality, I've been doing my Sunday
night show from my office studio since I began the show 3 years ago.  I
wanted to do a Sunday night show but really didn't feel like driving to the
college every Sunday night and spending the evening in their studio.  Thanks
to the magic of the Internet, doing the show remotely is a breeze and sounds
as good as those that originate from the main studio.

My studio consists of:

AudioArts A-50 Console - an old unit that I've been refurbishing
Heil PR-40 Microphone through a Behringer processor
Audio Technica ATM-40 (Guest) Microphones w/Behringer processors
Marantz Pro CD Decks x 2
Tascam Dual well CD/CD Recorder
Tascam DAT Machine
Sony MiniDisk
Revox RTR Deck (someday I'll connect it)
Teac dual well cassette deck
Marantz Pro CF Recorder (for air checks)
BE Cart Machines (for legacy inputs)
Behringer EFX Processor
Behringer Compressor/Limiter for air feed
QSC Amplifier (for studio monitors)
EV FR-12's for studio monitors
RANE Headphone Distro Amp
RANE Distro Amp for AUD buss
Telos One Digital Hybrid
M-Audio Firewire Soundcard
Various computers running Jockey ProLT and ZaraRadio automations for
production elements  We're working on putting Rivendell on another machine
to work with.
Computer running Edcast (formerly Oddcast) for studio feed to server
IceCast server (this is the hub that the station feeds off of)
GotoMyPC - runs on automation computer at station so that I can remotely
take control and start WinAmp at station end to accept the feed.

I've been using this rig for about 5 years now and it works great.  I call
it guerrilla remoting.

We use a variation of this for doing remotes for the station.  Our remote
rig is:

Phonic Helix Mixer with USB output
Various ATM-40 Microphones
Laptop with Internet access (wired, wi-fi or cell modem as available)
running Edcast

We use this rig, connecting Edcast to the IceCast server at my office then
with Winamp at the station connecting to the IceCast server.  Voila!
Instant 15K stereo audio connection - good s/n, low noise floor.

Yes, this is all low budget but that's what we have to work with.  Best of
all, it works like a champ!


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