WRKO site: "Red Eye Radio" overnights

raccoonradio@mail.com raccoonradio@mail.com
Sun Feb 14 22:13:19 EST 2010


 File under that didn't last long... Early last week it was noticed that Coast to Coast was gone from WRKO, replaced by Howie Carr reruns. Soon C2C turned up on Clear Channel's WKOX 1200...
now I notice that, according to http://www.wrko.com , those Howie reruns didn't last long. It now says "Red Eye Radio"

There is no link to a website but this is apparently a show hosted by Doug McIntyre that just debuted on WABC and KABC with other markets to be added. Apparently WRKO is one of those new affiliates...


>>"Doug has been doing the lead-in show to Imus in the Morning at WABC where the pd, Laurie Cantillo, said: “Red Eye Radio is a refreshing live alternative to traditional overnight fare, which is canned, conspiratorial, and just plain dull."

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