blogging question

Bill Welch
Wed Feb 10 16:30:24 EST 2010


As someone else mentioned WordPress is very powerful for creating blogs. 
I am looking into using it for our high school newspaper.  A google 
search will turn up dozens of templates free and low cost available for 
using WordPress for blogs and other publications.

Lesley probably already has in place the hosting capabilities 
forWordPress it runs on an Apache web server and it can be dowloaded for 
free from

Bill Welch

Donna Halper wrote:
> My journalism students at Lesley University want to set up a 
> news-blog.  I have no experience with setting up blogs-- I've 
> commented on the blogs of friends of mine, but have no clue how one 
> gets a blog started.  I think I need something a little fancier than 
> Blogger-- something where we can post pictures and video in addition 
> to text.  Do any of you know some companies that host blogs at a 
> reasonable cost, where a neo-Luddite like myself could learn to set 
> one up for my students?

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