oldies (was WROW)

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I am amazed that nobody has mentioned WBOQ's "good-time favorites." If
they haven't copyrighted that name and if they can do so (I remember
when John H Garabedian copyrighted "On Radio"), they might make more
on the fees paid by stations in other markets for licensing the name
than they make on their entire spot load;>(

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> On 8 Feb 2010 at 21:48, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>> Nobody wants to be caught dead telling baby-boomers that they are
>> "old".   (Never mind the fact that the same songs have been called
>> "oldies" almost since they fell off the charts in 1967....)

And before.  We started Rock n' Roll Memory Time on WTBS in 1960.
(Back then, our rule was, "Older than 1 year".)
> So you play the music and give it some other name.

"Music I Want to Hear Between Now and My Funeral...."

Bud Hippisley=

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