Boxford pirate Waves goodbye

Ted Larsen
Sat Feb 6 12:26:45 EST 2010

Because he claims to be such an activist, which is good, I don't see a 
"CONTACT ME" link. We might like to tell him about other violators, but not 
by the USPS. Strange.

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Subject: Boxford pirate Waves goodbye

 Unlicensed operator Wave 87.9, an oldies outlet from Boxford, is now off 
air though still
broadcasting online Posts on are reporting  that the FCC 
showed up on Jan.
28  and the operator shut it down

A man in Groveland set up a site, in which he says 
that after complaining
about a pirate operation in "Northeastern Mass.", the FCC took action 
(probably The Wave) The man explains why
pirate radio is simply illegal but the FCC has been lax in enforcing  it (as 
we have said before
though they need to have complaints before they act, especially from 
stations receiving interference,
plus they need to have the resources available to shut down illegal 

Of course several pirates in the Boston area continue to operate despite 
being issued warnings
or fines, for now, but it looks like The Wave has waved goodbye, at least to 

Look, sometimes these pirates may provide programming unavailable elsewhere, 
but rules need to be followed. I'd hate to get a call from someone when I'm 
doing my blues show: "Hey, why can't I pick
up WMWM in Peabody today? I'm hearing religious stuff instead..." and I find 
out it's because a pirate
has set up shop right next to us on the dial...That isn't right.

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