The World

Mark Laurence
Mon Dec 13 14:33:13 EST 2010

On 12/13/2010 1:06 PM, Don wrote:
> [about "The World" ratings on WGBH]
> No, looking at's one of their lowest rated hours.
> Typically during fundraising, the likely scenario is, if less people 
> are listening, less funds get raised....

I just looked at the November hour-by-hours for WGBH.  I looked at 6+ 
numbers to get the largest sample for the hour-by-hour breakdown.  The 
numbers for The World, from 3-4 PM and from 6-7 PM, have exactly the 
same share as 'GBH's average share for 6A-7P M-F.  So, the show is not 
underperforming the rest of the day at all.

The World's 3PM hour has 26% more listeners than its lead-in show, Fresh 
Air, at 2 PM.  Its audience share at 6 PM is only 0.1 less than All 
Things Considered at 5 PM.

Every hour between 9 AM and 2 PM has a far fewer listeners than either 
hour of The World.

If you prefer to look at 25-54 numbers, they follow the same pattern.  
The World exceeds the 'GBH share for the entire day and builds solidly 
on midday numbers.

It looks like the latest Arbitron numbers don't support your theory.


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