Lapierre on the loose

Mon Dec 6 11:13:32 EST 2010

> I wonder if he's here or still in St. Augustine?
> -GAWollman

I posted the same question elsewhere several days ago. I've seen no
responses. If you listen to Steve LeVeille at 4:30 tomorrow morning,
you might find out--or not. LeVeille chats briefly with the 5:00AM
news anchor. He did it with Ed Walsh; he did it with whomever filled
in for Walsh when Walsh was on vacation; I think he did it with
LaPierre back when LaPierre was the AM-drive news anchor. And that
means he went through the motions even when LaPierre was working from
the studio in his home in Florida. The fact that LaPierre is 1700
miles away wouldn't stop LeVeille from pretending to look through the
control room window and through the control room into the news studio
and telling the listeners that he is waving at Gary LaPierre who will
be in to chat with him in five minutes. This is much more easily
accomplished on radio than on TV, where the split screen is a pretty
good give-away (as on PBS's Nightly Business Report: Suzie Gharib is
in New York; her co-anchor, Tom Hudson, is in Miami; they appear in
separate panels). I suppose that ChromaKey (or a more modern version)
might even disguise that, but I'm not aware of any program that does

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