WMFO tour

Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Sun Dec 5 08:55:45 EST 2010

On Friday night WMFO, Tufts University Radio, celebrated its 40th
anniversary with an open house.  Angela Morley (GM, WMWM Salem), Mike S.
(WMWM on-air & tech) and myself (WMWM on-air and tech) were on hand for the
tour.  My link for the photos I took is below:


The station occupies the entire 3rd floor of Curtis Hall.  They have a HUGE
(as in bigger than I’ve seen at the Boston commercial stations) on-air
studio, a small production studio, a larger production studio that has
observation windows into a larger area that’s used as a recording studio,
various rooms that serve as record (yes vinyl) libraries and other rooms
that serve as offices, service areas etc.  Their audio backbone is entirely
digital with an Axia console in the on-air studio with remote nodes in all
others.  The STL link is fiber.  Not bad for a college station.

They are running Rivendell for automation and have been using a high speed
CD ripper to ingest their entire library into the system.  The numbers of
200K tracks/10Tb of active storage come to mind.  They’ve been encouraging
their staff to use the Rivendell for all playout but also have the usual
CD/cassette decks in the studio as well as inputs for DJ’s to bring in their
own MP3 players and laptops.

There was an abundance of turntables and the recording studio sports a
working Otari.

Overall it was quite impressive for a college station.  Thanks to the WMFO
staff for opening their doors to us!  Have another happy 40, if radio’s 

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