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Didn't Carl DeSuze start the AM drive shift at WBZ in the '30s and
continue into the '70s or maybe the '80s? Jess began at WHDH as Ray
Dory's sidekick in either 1956 or 1957 and continued into the '80s or
maybe the '90s. If my years are correct (and the only one I'm pretty
confident of is Cain starting at WHDH in '56 or '57), then Cain and
DeSuze were pretty close in longevity at their respective stations.
But without more info, I'd be hard-pressed to say who was at his
station for the greater number of years.

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>  On 8/31/2010 8:25 AM, Doug Drown wrote:
>> Thomas -
>> Your recording of Bob Emery leads me to ask a question: Who is/was
>> the longest-working personality in Boston area broadcasting
>> history?  I'm thinking it would have to have been Bob Emery (WGI in
>> 1921 or '22, up to "Big Brother" in the '60s), but then I think of
>> Carl deSuze, Dave Maynard, Bill Marlowe, Gus Saunders and others.
>> Does anyone have a definitive answer?   -Doug
> Not definitive, but I thought it was Jess Cain at WHDH (850 Boston)
> for continuous in same shift - AM drive.
> Bill O'Neill

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