Globe editorial calls FM radio "outdated technology"

Garrett Wollman
Sun Aug 29 22:09:11 EDT 2010

<<On Sun, 29 Aug 2010 21:46:34 -0400, A Joseph Ross <> said:

> Well, FM stereo was first authorized in 1961, and WCRB was broadcasting 
> in it almost immediately.  It wasn't until sometime in the 1970s that FM 
> began to be standard equipment in cars.

For many makes, the default factory radio din't start supporting FM
until the mid-1980s.  (I know this because my parents absolutely
refused to pay extra for FM, so we didn't have factory FM in the car
until 1987.  My father did buy a car with no factory radio and install
an aftermarket one, which of course did have FM, in 1986.)


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