Globe editorial calls FM radio "outdated technology"

Larry Weil
Tue Aug 24 22:08:01 EDT 2010

At 1:03 PM -0700 8/24/10, Bill Smith wrote:

>I understand a few TV stations are running multiple digital 
>transmitters to fill holes, could this be a first step to 
>broadcasters moving to a cellular model? get rid of those million+ 
>dollar towers and go on existing low altitude sites?

I don't know where you heard this, but I really doubt it.  This would 
just create a large interference pattern making the signal basically 
useless.  The way cell phones work is that neighboring towers use 
different frequencies so as to not interfere with each other, with 6 
MHz wide TV signals this would not be at all practical.  And it would 
be impossible to keep signals in phase over 6 MHz if neighboring 
signals were on the same channel.
Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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