Top 100 talk show hosts of all time

Larry Sochrin
Fri Aug 13 13:14:44 EDT 2010

Good selection,  but I find them including Father Coughlin, whose  
broadcasts weren't talk hosting as much as horrendous anti-semitic  
rants and arguments supporting both Hitler and Mussolini to be  
shameful.  Hitler broadcast long speeches on similar topics, so under  
this approach, I'm surprised they didn't include him, or some other  
genocidal maniacs, in the Top 100 talk show hosts of all time.  Truly  

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>> Talkers Magazine lists their Top 100 hosts of all time and Boston is
>> well represented
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>> Jerry Williams is at #18. Others with local connections are
>> Gene,David, Howie, Jay, the Car Talk guys and the late Judy Jarvis (I
>> was involved with her first TV show at channel 56 - Cambridge, USA
>> when at least a token attempt was made to serve the COL)
>> Nancy Donellen (Sports Babe) is a Boston native but did music at WRKO
>> and WVBF before becoming a sports show host in Tampa, Seattle and
>> ESPN.

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